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Organic Coconut oil

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Coconut oil is a must have item in your pantry and can be included in small amounts in your diet each day. The only oils l use in my diet are cold flax oil, extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil. These are examples of brands of coconut oil that are available. I have seen many similar ones like the one on the left in the glass jar in the supermarket, health food shops and pharmacies. I bought this one locally for around $6 but most are approximately $10 for a similar size jar. I use a small amount when cooking with the non stick fry pan or when roasting foods in the oven. It adds a lovely flavour to the food. If you are a serious user of coconut oil then the 1.4 Litre tub is an amazing product which l buy online from iherb. It is around $35 for the huge tub which will last a few months. This coconut oil is so creamy and smells delicious. I use this one in my baking such as in chocolate chip cookies and cakes. The one with the blue label is my most recent purchase and comes in a glass jar that l will be able to use in my pantry when it is empty. As soon as the lid is opened the most delicious smell emerges. I purchased it online from Bulk Wholefoods for around $25. Some people eat a spoon of coconut oil straight out of the jar but l am not at that stage just yet!