Refreshing salad with pumpkin and beetroot

2013-09-24 19.04.45

This is a very crunchy salad which is good because that means you have to eat slowly and chew your food well. This will aid digestion and stop you from eating too much. The roasted pumpkin and beetroot give the salad a natural sweetness that is really delicious.


Chickpeas that have been soaked, drained and cooked (this process will reduce stomach upsets)

Small cubes of pumpkin and beetroot that have been roasted in the oven drizzled with olive oil

Carrot sliced finely (circular not cubes)

Celery sliced finely (Circular-a food processor is good for this)

Fresh spinach roughly chopped.

Mix all ingredients together and place in a nice salad bowl. Keep it covered in the fridge. Over the next few days you can have this with a breakfast omelette or with a piece of grilled salmon or fish. You can top it with a nice salad dressing, Kapai Puku or Chia seeds. If you are making a lunch to take to work put this in a tub and top with a boiled egg and some grilled chicken.


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