Vegetarian burger with quinoa and salad

2013-09-30 18.38.13

This recipe was inspired from watching a Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals episode a few nights ago, although it took me around 45 minutes to prepare and cook plus some planning time because l didn’t use a tinned product as he did.

Jamie made these burgers to put in a bread roll which would be delicious if you eat bread. As l don’t l have turned them into a kind of rissole, but l did imagine myself biting into a burger as l was eating this. I have changed some of the ingredients in the burger to suit my tastes and l couldn’t exactly remember what he put in his but the core ingredient of the four bean mix is the same and they have a middle eastern flavour. I made heaps of these and have put them in the freezer to have on other nights. I cooked just enough for two meals but these would be delicious cold with a salad. I have never eaten four bean mix and felt quite adventurous cooking with something new.


A packet of four bean mix (these need to be soaked in water with a tablespoon of salt for several hours, rinsed then cooked in boiling water for around 30 minutes or until soft)

Chickpeas-I added in some chickpeas because l love them. They had also been soaked, rinsed and boiled.

Herbs-use whatever you have. I picked some basil, parsley and mint from the garden

4 eggs

Spices-cumin, cayenne pepper, sea salt, black pepper

Flour- one tablespoon of any you like. I used millet flour which is gluten free.


Put it all in the food processor and blend until it is a very fine mixture. It should be moist and easy to form a shape. If you want burgers then make then quite large and flatten to just over one cm but if you want rissoles then make them into smaller balls and just flatten slightly. Roll them in extra flour. If you have time place them in the fridge for a while but if not then cook in a pan with some olive oil in it. Turn when golden. Mine took a good twenty minutes to be nice and golden on both sides.

I served them with quinoa and a salad of chopped cucumber and roma tomato. The burgers need a sauce of some kind so l topped it with my healthy salad dressing (see recipes) but a tomato sauce would be so nice. Today l am attempting to make my own chemical free tomato sauce and tonight l will have the burgers with that and steamed pumpkin.


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