Rustic seed bread

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This is a really delicious addition to a meal and it is a challenge not to eat it all as soon as it comes out of the oven. One of the delights of this bread is that parts of the edges crumble as it is cut and these are the bits l love to eat. I have used whole sunflower and pumpkin seeds and if you want a more refined load you could blend these slightly before mixing. I love how crunchy the pepitas are and the small pile that was left on the chopping board after cutting could be saved to pour on top of a salad for some extra crunch. I sliced up the loaf into single serves and placed it in the freezer so l can grab a piece when l need it. Not having bread in my diet does leave a space for a bread like this, as sometimes it is nice to hold a delicious piece of something resembling bread in your hand and dip it into the soup.


3/4 cup Coconut flour

3/4 cup Buckwheat flour

1 cup Almond meal

1/2 cup LSA

1  generous cup of seeds – a mix of whatever you like but l used organic sesame seeds, poppy seeds, activated sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

1/4 cup black chia seeds

3 teaspoons gluten free baking powder

4 eggs

A generous 1/4 cup organic coconut oil gently melted

Filtered water-approximately 1 cup (you could use almond or oat milk if you can have those)


Find a suitable baking dish. I have tried this with a small square cake tin or a rectangular loaf tin. Either one is fine. Grease and line the base.

Mix all of the dry ingredients together except the chia seeds.

Mix together in a separate bowl the eggs, warm coconut oil, 1 cup of water and chia seeds.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Mix and add extra water as required. The mix should look moist but not wet.

Put the dough into the baking dish and push down so that the top looks nice and even. Place in a pre-heated 180 degree oven for about one hour or until nice and golden. Turn out onto a cooling rack and when cool cut into slices with a serrated knife. It will hold together better if the slices are thicker (approximately 1.5cm). The crunchy end bits are the best. The middle bits can be grilled when required to give them some extra crunchiness. I do this straight from the freezer and then top the bread with my favourite toppings such as avocado and tomato (see picture above)

Thank you to my sister and brother in-law who inspired this recipe.


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