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Apricot Chicken

An old classic revamped to be Paleo friendly and delicously sweet.

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The sweetest and most delicious dish.T

Apricots are a seasonal fruit so l would use the fresh fruit where possible as when ripe they have the loveliest flavour and aroma. Apricots are also available preserved so just look for a good quality product i.e local and organic.

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This can be cooked in a pot on the stove or a casserole dish.



6 free range chicken thighs diced and coated in coconut flour

1.5 litres of home made chicken stock

4 apricots (seeds removed) and finely chopped.

The green tops of two spring onions (sliced)

1/4 of a small pumpkin diced

1/2 cup organic shredded coconut

ground black pepper and pink rock salt to season

Fresh herbs such as parsley and mint

1/2 a red capsicum diced

4 small radishes sliced.

1/4 cup black chia seeds added near the end of cooking

Optional: 1/2 cup quinoa which has been pre-soaked and rinsed, plus a handful of sliced green beans.


Brown the flour coated chicken thighs in a pan with some coconut oil and then placed them in the hot pot. Add the rest of the ingredients and let cook throughout the day on a low heat. Add the chia seeds about thirty minutes before serving along with the optional quinoa and green beans. These are optional as some Paleo followers don’t consume them, but l think they are o.k once in a while and will go well with this dish. Another thirty minutes or so and your casserole will be ready to serve. The chia seeds and quinoa will help it to thicken so you can add some more if it is too runny or extra vegetables.

There was a delicious sweetness to this dish from the apricots, pumpkin and coconut which is from all natural ingredients. I hope you enjoy this casserole and share the recipe with your family and friends.


Sweet beef curry: Paleo, gluten and dairy free

Grass fed beef, bone broth and natural ingredients contribute to a wonderfully nutritious meal.

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All natural and amazingly sweet.

Unable to eat red meat at present due to my digestive issues, l still cook it for my children and they ate this with the biggest smiles on their faces.

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Grass fed gravy beef. It can be hard to find grass fed beef but it is worth shopping around, questioning the butcher and paying a bit extra.
2014-10-03 11.36.00
Home made grass fed beef bone broth. Rich in nutrition and supporting digestive health.


1 kg grass fed gravy beef or similar

800 ml beef bone broth (recipe in soup section)

1 tablespoon organic tomato paste

1 tablespoon coconut flour (or another non gluten flour)

2 tablespoons shredded coconut

1 onion diced

pink rock salt and ground black pepper (approximately 1/2 teaspoon each)

1 fresh banana diced

1 green apple peeled and diced

Curry Powder to taste (I used 1/2 teaspoon)

1 tablespoon coconut oil


Gently melt the coconut oil in a large saucepan. Add the diced beef and lightly brown. Add the flour, curry powder, onion and tomato paste and cook for one minute. Add the stock, followed by the rest of the ingredients. Bring to the boil then let simmer for several hours with the lid on.

This beef curry is naturally sweet and has a delicious coconut flavour. Serve it with steamed or roasted vegetables for a delicious and healthy meal.

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Apricot Chicken

2013-12-02 18.35.31 2013-12-02 18.14.20

Apricot chicken-An old classic that l was missing eating. It was a cold day and l walked past some apricots in the fruit section of the shop and the smell was enticing. They were so juicy, ripe and delicious that l bought some with the idea of eating them but then decided to experiment with the hot pot and see what happened. The result was a most sweet and delicious apricot chicken dish that l enjoyed over the next few days.

Firstly, l chopped up about 6 free range chicken thighs and coated them in a generous amount of coconut flour.  I browned them in a pan with some coconut oil and then placed them in the hot pot. To the hot pot l added just over 1.5 litres of chicken broth that l had in the freezer, four apricots finely sliced, the green tops of a couple of spring onions, about 1/4 of a small pumpkin chopped up, 1/2 a cup of organic shredded coconut, ground black pepper, sea salt, some herbs from the garden such as mint and parsley, half a red capsicum chopped up and a few small radishes sliced finely. I let the hot pot work its magic for quite a few hours and then added 1/4 cup black chia seeds, 1/2 cup white quinoa and some green beans. Another thirty minutes or so and it was ready to serve. My casserole had quite a lot of liquid in it so l served it in a bowl but if l had cooked it longer it would have thickened a bit. I started cooking it around lunchtime so ideally you will start a bit earlier in the day, but over the next few days it thickened a bit and was so delicious as the flavours developed. There was a real sweetness to this dish from the apricots, pumpkin and coconut.

I hope you enjoy this casserole as l did.