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Sweet Potato chips with sesame seeds

One of my favourite vegetables is sweet potato. The sweet part of the title is well deserved because it is literally bursting with natural sweetness that adds a special flavour and colour to your meals. This version of sweet potato chips uses the crunchiness of sesame seeds to create a flavour variation on the traditional chip recipe.

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Yum! Eat on their own or as part of your meal.

Sweet potato is so easy to prepare and cook. I love it baked as the natural sweetness comes out. You can use any size sweet potato for this recipe. Leaving the skin on is a personal choice. If your sweet potato is smooth skinned without black marks or holes l would just wash it and leave the skin on. Sometimes though the skin doesn’t look so nice and l peel the sweet potato in these instances.

Chop your sweet potato into chips that are really long or shorter ones, chunky or thin. It really is up to you. Thinner ones will cook quicker and will have more of a crispy feel to them. Place the chips in a bowl and add a decent dose of seasoning (a good salt and black pepper), drizzle with a decent dose of oil (olive oil or coconut oil) and a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds (don’t be stingy with these). Pre-heat your oven to around 180 degrees celcius. You know your oven the best.

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Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Try to spread them out and maybe use two trays if you are making a big batch.
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Bake until they look delicious.

Your kitchen will be smelling lovely right about now! Enjoy!

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Sweet Potato chips

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I just made a batch of these and they were gone in a flash. Eaten straight from the oven they are so delicious with a warm and sweet flavour. You can make these with lots of different vegetables but sweet potato is my favourite cooked in coconut oil with a sprinkling of sea salt and ground black pepper.


One large sweet potato

One tablespoon organic coconut oil

Pinch of sea salt

Pinch of ground black pepper.


Firstly peel and wash your sweet potato. You can use several sweet potatoes if you want to make a really big batch. You will just need more oil and salt. If you have a mandolin or other kind of slicer that is a help but l cut these with a knife and it gave them a rustic quality. Cutting them too thin isn’t really a problem but if you cut them too thick they will remain slightly soggy and not go crispy. They will still taste nice but it is better to try and cut them all quite thin so they cook evenly.

Once they are cut place them in a bowl with the sea salt, black pepper and melted coconut oil. You can use Extra Virgin Oilive Oil if you don’t have coconut oil or you don’t like the flavour. Give it all a good mix so the sweet potatoes are all coated in oil.

2014-03-02 13.59.21

Lay the sweet potato slices out on trays lined with baking paper and place into a pre-heated hot oven (200 degrees celsius). After about five minutes take them out and flip over each piece of sweet potato with some tongs. This can be a bit fiddly but will ensure the sweet potato chips are nice and crispy. I used three trays for the one sweet potato so if you make a big batch you will need to do a few batches to cook them all.

2014-03-02 14.01.06

When the sweet potato chips are looking golden and some are showing signs of burning on the edges they are done. Remove the trays from the oven and let the sweet potato chips cool for about five minutes. Pick each one up with tongs and place in a bowl to serve. They should be quite crispy and still warm. They are best eaten straight away.

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