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Walnut and Sweet Potato Cake

A really lovely cake with the sweetness of sweet potato and the goodness of so many natural ingredients. Gluten, dairy and processed sugar free and very easy to make. I like to have snacks ready so that when l am working l can just grab them from the freezer and quickly pack my lunch box. […]

Raw Superfood Slice

A creamy and satisfying raw and frozen slice which has a very high healthy fat content and is flavoured with the amazing Acai Berry Powder which is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. I have used a home made almond nut butter in this recipe but you could use one that has been commercially made. I […]

Beetroot and walnut cake!

A lovely cake which is Paleo friendly, gluten, dairy and processed sugar-free. Before this cake is cooked it is the loveliest pink colour which unfortunately disappears after it has been baked in the oven.  Ingredients: 2 cups almond meal 1/4 cup organic coconut flour (no need to sift, just squash the lumps)) 6 free range […]

Sesame snaps with poppy seeds and cinnamon

A favourite snack that you can make at home! This is a twist on the popular sesame snap but the recipe is easily modified to have a more traditional flavour. The original recipe is from ‘The Merrymaker Sisters” website and l have modified it by adding in poppy seeds and cinnamon. This is a very […]

Beetroot and pumpkin cake (gluten and dairy free)

The smell of a cake baking in the oven is really lovely and the anticipation builds as the cake is almost cooked. This recipe has a lovely combination of fresh beetroot and pumpkin in a paleo friendly, gluten and dairy free recipe. Ingredients: Fresh beetroot and pumpkin as shown in the picture. I used one […]

Sensational Seed and Nut bars

Healthy, easy to make seed and nuts bars, or just seed bars if you leave the nuts out as the ones above. This recipe is very flexible and l know there are heaps of other bar recipes on the web but this one suits me, my lifestyle, tastes and food choices. The ingredients are all […]

Walnut and Sweet Potato Cake

A cake that is free of dairy, processed sugar and gluten! I like to cook in bulk so that l don’t have to do any more cooking than l already do, and so that l have snacks in the freezer for the busy times. On the days l am working l grab a piece of […]

Snack bars-all natural

  Another lunch box filler or sweet snack to fill in the holes that are left by following a restricted diet. These snack bars are crunchy and sweet eaten straight from the freezer which is how l prefer them, but if l pack them in my lunch box for work l use a cool block […]

Rosemary and Sea Salt seed bars

These were really nice on their own but l can imagine having them with a nut butter or avocado with tuna or salmon on top. I cut them quite small so they are more like a cracker biscuit and have placed them in the freezer to pack in my lunch when working. Ingredients: 1 cup […]

Sweet Potato chips

I just made a batch of these and they were gone in a flash. Eaten straight from the oven they are so delicious with a warm and sweet flavour. You can make these with lots of different vegetables but sweet potato is my favourite cooked in coconut oil with a sprinkling of sea salt and […]