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Paleo Cottage pie

A comforting, tasty and highly nutritious Paleo dinner. Use the best quality ingredients to cook up a family favourite and add lots of colour by serving it with delicious baked vegetables and salad.

2016-04-09 18.08.26
Served here with roasted brussel sprouts and a gorgeous salad.

Step 1 is to make up a batch of caramelized beef and vegetable mince.You will have plenty left over to use with other meals, so it is very economical. This is a basic recipe and you can use different vegetables and whatever you have on hand. The cabbage is very important as it gives the dish a lovely flavour.

https://holisticwellnessforlife.com/recipes-2/caramalized-vegetables-and-beef-mince/ (Click here for the recipe)

2016-04-09 18.26.27
The mince is cooked and this is the leftover that will go into the freezer for other meals.
2016-04-09 17.58.47
Place a generous layer of mince in a baking dish. I like a ceramic dish and there is no need to oil it or line with baking paper.


Ingredients and method:

2 medium sized red skinned sweet potato (washed and peeled)

1 medium sized beetroot (washed and peeled)

1 generous handful of chives gently sliced.

Pink rock salt and black pepper to season.

Dice the veggies and gently steam until soft. Place in a bowl and add a sprinkle of pink rock salt and black pepper. Add the chives and stir through.

2016-04-09 18.01.02
You can use red or orange sweet potato for the topping. You can trick the family into thinking this is regular potato.
2016-04-09 18.03.15
Place the mash on top of the dish and spread out evenly. It is ready to serve.
2016-04-09 18.04.44
A big salad and roasted brussel sprouts go brilliantly with this dish. Enough for a large family or a few nights. Leftovers for lunch or freeze it in batches.

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Chicken, leek and coconut meatballs with a roast vegetable sauce

Liven up the dinner menu with these delicious meatballs. Make a huge batch and have them for dinner and lunch. Add a sauce, salad or vegetables and get creative in the kitchen. Grab one when you are on the go and have as a quick work day snack. Gluten and Dairy Free!

2016-02-29 20.06.56
Colourful, nutritious and home made.

Sauce: Ingredients and Directions

A tray of roasted veggies (pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato and one onion are my favourites)

2 cups of chicken stock (home made if possible)

A handful of herbs

Pink rock salt and black pepper to taste.

2016-02-21 19.23.15
A big batch of roasted veggies.

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until a nice puree.

2016-02-22 18.00.24
If you don’t want to roast an onion just add in some spring onion green tops for added flavour.

Meatballs: Ingredients and Directions

500g Organic Chicken Mince

A handful of thin leeks

A handful of fresh parsley

2 free range eggs

Pink rock salt and black pepper to taste

1/4 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup shredded coconut

Extra coconut flour to roll the meatballs in

2016-02-28 16.29.22
Start with a good quality mince
2016-02-28 16.27.05
Leeks from my garden. Give them a good wash and use the green and white part. Substitute with spring onion or onion if you don’t have leeks.
2016-02-28 16.36.04
Place all ingredients in the food processor with the chopping blade attachment.
2016-02-28 16.37.00
Blend well
2016-02-28 16.42.34
Roll into small balls and coat in coconut flour.
2016-02-28 16.52.01
Place in the fridge for about an hour to firm up.
2016-02-28 17.47.24
Gently fry in a pan with some olive oil or coconut oil.
2016-02-22 19.20.26
You can heat the sauce up on its own and pour over the cooked meatballs or alternatively brown the meatballs and then add the sauce to let it all heat up together. The flavours will develop more if you do it this way, especially if you have added raw spring onion in the blender stage of making the sauce.
2016-02-25 07.53.57
Serve with your favourite veggies and salad.
2016-02-28 18.31.58
Served without the puree here. The meatballs can be kept separately in the fridge and added to a lunchtime salad, grabbed for a quick snack or reheated for dinner another night. 

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Herb coated chicken schnitzel

The family will love these delicious schnitzels which can be used in so many dishes and eaten hot or cold. Vary the meat, serve with a range of vegetables and prepare a batch that will last several meals. Use the best quality meat you can buy and enjoy this tasty gluten free version with the use of herbs adding a lovely flavour.

2015-12-14 20.14.06


Organic or free range chicken breasts (alternatively beef or lamb as examples)

For the crumbs:

On a plate: Buckwheat flour and Coconut Flour mix

In a bowl: Free range or organic eggs whisked with sea salt and black pepper

On a Plate: Blanched almond meal and shredded coconut mix plus herbs (My favourites are rosemary and parsley but experiment and use what you have. Fresh is best).

Oil to fry: Olive oil or coconut oil


Wash your chicken breasts in filtered water. Pat dry with paper towel then slice thinly so you can get a number of schnitzels from each breast. Pound the meat gently with a mallet to flatten. You can put cling wrap over each piece of meat while pounding to avoid splatter.

Dip each piece in the flour mix, egg mix and then almond meal/coconut/herb mix. Place on a plate and when finished cool in the fridge for about thirty minutes.

2015-12-14 19.07.45
A nice pile of schnitzels

Cook each schnitzel on a low heat in a pan with oil. You can place on paper towel when cooked to absorb excess oil. I like to get two meals out of a batch and just cook as many as l need and save the rest for a second night. If l serve them all up they will get eaten so l add lots of salad and veggies to even out the meal and balance the budget. They are delicious hot or cold and are a family favourite. One tip is to grind your fresh herbs until they are small and broken down which helps them blend into the outer layer.

Schnitzels are so delicious and easy to make. Going gluten free can leave one wondering how to incorporate favourites into the diet but this recipe is so simple and delicious that you won’t notice the change.

2015-07-05 19.58.13
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Vegetable Spaghetti lasagna

An incredible combination of flavours work together to create a sumptuous healthy dish that is sure to become a family favourite. Vegetable spaghetti slices are used in this recipe which is free of grains (gluten), dairy and nightshades. The filling combines grass fed beef, vegetables and bone broth and the topping has a gorgeous coconut flavour.

2015-08-22 19.36.07
A touch of rocket adds colour and texture.
2015-08-21 12.29.23
Purchase a vegetable spaghetti. Just one is needed to make a large lasagna.

The vegetable spaghetti is extremely versatile and it is often baked then used as a vegetable noodle but it can also be used in cooking just like a sweet potato or pumpkin which this recipe demonstrates. It slices very easily with a serrated or clean edge knife and provides a great base for flavoursome ingredients as it doesn’t have a strong flavour itself.

Start with fresh ingredients:

One whole vegetable spaghetti (if unavailable substitute with pumpkin or sweet potato)

1 kg grass fed beef mince (buy the best you can)

1 large onion (any variety-chopped)

2 cups of beef bone broth (ideally home made)

8 brussel sprouts (chopped)

1 handful of fresh flat leaf parsley (chopped)

Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Extra Virgin Olive oil to fry the beef mince

Pumpkin seeds for the top layer

Topping: (use your judgement here and add more or less depending on how you like it).

1 tablespoon coconut flour

2 tablespoons shredded coconut

2 tablespoons coconut oil


2015-08-23 16.59.07
Peel the vegetable spaghetti
2015-08-23 16.59.40
Thinly slice the vegetable and remove the seeds with a spoon.Keep aside while preparing the filling.
2015-08-23 17.00.09
Brown the mince and onion in a large saucepan with the olive oil. When nicely browned using just a medium to low heat add the chopped brussel sprouts, parsley and seasoning. Finally add the stock and let simmer for about 15 minutes.
Using a largish rectangular baking dish start layering the lasagna. The first layer is the meat filling.
2015-08-23 17.07.25
Next add a layer of vegetable spaghetti and repeat this three times.
2015-08-23 17.07.50
The final layer of meat mixture.
2015-08-23 17.08.27
Ensure the top layer looks nice with the vegetable spaghetti rings overlapping. Drizzle some olive oil on top and sprinkle a few pumpkin seeds across the layer.

Bake in a 180 degree celcius oven until you can see the juices bubbling and the top layer is starting to brown. At this point remove the dish from the oven and sprinkle on the flour and shredded coconut. Add small blobs of coconut oil over the top which will melt and create a gorgeous flavour.

2015-08-23 17.09.03
When you have added the extra ingredients to the top layer return the dish to the oven for about ten more minutes.
2015-08-23 17.09.41
Remove from the oven and let sit for a few minutes before serving.
2015-08-22 19.20.56
This is a very economical dish that will last several nights if you are feeding a few people. It can be frozen into individual serves and can be plated up with a nice salad or colourful vegetables.
2015-08-23 19.09.30
Served here with a colourful salad.

2015-07-05 19.58.13