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A juice for a hot day!

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This juice is a really stunning colour which makes it very inviting to drink. I rushed off in the car yesterday to pick my children up from school and forgot to take my drink bottle with me. I literally have this drink bottle which is filled with filtered water with me at all times and sip it constantly. By the time l got home l was really thirsty as it was a very warm Melbourne afternoon and l was gone for around one hour. Because of my digestive issues l just couldn’t drink enough water to catch up and l was so busy making lunches and dinner that l started to crave a really refreshing juice, rather than a meal. I made the rest of the family a lovely roasted free range chicken served with salad and myself the very delicious juice pictured above. Over about an hour l managed to drink it all and l felt thoroughly satisfied and my strong thirst was gone. I usually share my juices with the family but on this occasion l decided that l should spoil myself and as l had cut up half a watermelon for my husband and children to eat for dessert, they seemed not to notice what l was having. I also tried out my new stainless steel straws which l can highly recommend. I always drink through a straw which is related to sensitivity in my teeth and the plastic ones were such a problem to dispose of and a real waste. I bought a pack of four stainless steel ones which came with a little brush to clean them. Not being able to bite them as you can with a plastic straw takes some getting used to, but they are wider than a normal straw so you get a good amount of liquid through them.


2 green apples with the skin on (well washed)

1 lebanese cucumber-well washed with the seeds removed

1 bunch of bok choy or a similar green

1/2 a lemon with the skin on-washed

A small handful of mint.

I processed this through my cold press juicer and had it straight away. It would be nice with some ice added and a small amount of ginger would add to the taste.

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Refreshing juice with ginger and mint

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A juice can be full of surprises depending on what ingredients you use. I tend to have the same vegetable based juice each day, but today l decided that my fridge was full of so many fresh and wonderful ingredients that l changed the mix. There isn’t anything too unusual about this drink but it is surprisingly refreshing, with the ginger and mint adding a lovely after taste. I love that with a juice you can  add different fruits, vegetables and herbs and the drink tastes different each time. One small glass is enough as this juice has a high sugar content and the juice l made today was enough for three people. I used my Oscar Neo cold press juicer which is divine and produces the most amazing juice.

Prepare your ingredients by washing, chopping or peeling as required. For the juice in the picture l used:

Half a green apple washed

One lemon peeled

One navel orange peeled

Two large carrots washed

Two large stalks of celery washed

One quarter of a fresh pineapple with the skin removed

A handful of fresh  mint

A small piece of ginger depending on your taste. I used about a half a centimeter piece and the ginger taste was very strong.

Process your ingredients in the juicer, stir well and divide into separate glasses. Drink and enjoy! I accompanied this juice with a small handful of raw activated nuts (good protein source) to stop my blood sugar levels from peaking, which can make me feel quite unwell.