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Summertime Juice

A refreshing and cooling juice to support your wellbeing. Ingredients: Carrots Celery Whole lemon or lime Fresh ginger Fresh mint I like to have quite a few carrots in the drink as a base. I use about 5 large ones and several stalks of celery. One whole piece of citrus such as a lemon, a […]

Refreshing green juice

A cold pressed juicer is wonderful for making green juices! This is a wonderful juice to drink on a really hot day. I like to vary the greens in my juices and when l can purchase or grow good quality bok choy it is wonderful to juice. This recipe uses a cold pressed juicer which […]

Banana, Coconut, Lemon and Poppy seed cake (gluten, dairy and processed sugar free)

This cake is made with real ingredients and as a result each of the flavours┬ácan be tasted when enjoying this cake. The fresh banana, lemon juice, lemon zest, organic shredded coconut and poppy seeds give this cake a lovely balance and depth of flavour which is extremely satisfying. When making this cake l used the […]

A juice for a hot day!

This juice is a really stunning colour which makes it very inviting to drink. I rushed off in the car yesterday to pick my children up from school and forgot to take my drink bottle with me. I literally have this drink bottle which is filled with filtered water with me at all times and […]

Refreshing juice with ginger and mint

A juice can be full of surprises depending on what ingredients you use. I tend to have the same vegetable based juice each day, but today l decided that my fridge was full of so many fresh and wonderful ingredients that l changed the mix. There isn’t anything too unusual about this drink but it […]