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Sesame snaps with poppy seeds and cinnamon

2014-08-02 11.54.24
A lovely snack and easy to make!

A favourite snack that you can make at home! This is a twist on the popular sesame snap but the recipe is easily modified to have a more traditional flavour. The original recipe is from ‘The Merrymaker Sisters” website and l have modified it by adding in poppy seeds and cinnamon.

This is a very quick and easy snack to make and they can be kept in the freezer to add to lunch boxes.


1 and 3/4 cups of organic sesame seeds

1 cup of organic almond meal

1/2 cup raw organic honey

1/4 cup organic coconut oil

2 tablespoons poppy seeds

1 generous teaspoon cinnamon

Note: If you want a traditional sesame snap leave the poppy seeds and cinnamon out and use 2 cups of sesame seeds. 


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Place half of the mixture onto a piece of baking paper and cover with another piece of baking paper. Roll out carefully to flatten.

2014-06-20 16.53.43
Gently roll the mixture so it is even.

Roll the mix to about 1/2 a centimetre. Remove the top paper and use a knife to straighten the edges and then re-roll. Do this for the other half of the mixture.

2014-08-01 20.51.53
Life the baking paper and flattened mixture onto the baking tray

Bake the sesame snaps in a 180 degree celsius oven for approximately 10 minutes or until golden.

2014-06-20 17.07.53
Golden cooked sesame snaps.

Let the sesame snaps cool for a short time and then lift off the tray by grabbing the edges of the baking paper. Place on a flat surface and using a sharp knife cut the edges off and then cut into rows and then smaller pieces.

2014-06-20 17.38.16
Use the edges to taste test your cooking.
2014-06-20 17.39.47
These are the plain sesame snaps. Once cooled they can easily be stored in the freezer and are a handy snack.

It is a good idea to make your own snacks if you can as this ensures that you know exactly what is in the food you are eating. There are no nasty additives, colours or flavours in these bars, and this is a great way to eat healthier.

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Chilli Dipping Sauce

2014-06-15 18.10.13
Not too spicy, refreshing, tangy and best of all made with nourishing ingredients.

This is a really nice dipping sauce and is just right for those of us who are sensitive to most things in a bottle or package. It is a recipe taken from the Gawler Foundation Cook Book ‘eat well: be well’ which l recently reviewed on another blog and is a book l can highly recommend.

2014-06-15 17.16.52
Amazing ingredients!

Gather together the ingredients shown above:

3/4 cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which l keep in the fridge.

1/2 cup Raw organic Honey (any honey is fine but l like this one)

1/8 teaspoon dried chilli flakes or 1/ fresh chilli finely diced (I used the dried chilli and used the smallest amount which l cut finely with a knife. The amount added will vary for each person).

5cm piece fresh ginger (grated)

1 small red capsicum or 1/2 a largish one (Finely diced. I did this in the food processor)

1 spring onion finely chopped (I only use the green tops due to a food sensitivity)


In a small saucepan bring the honey and vinegar to the boil, then add the chilli and let the sauce simmer for 20 minutes.

Place the red capsicum in a bowl and squeeze the grated ginger so the juice falls on top of the capsicum. Give it a gentle mix.

The original recipe now says to pour the honey mixture over the capsicum mix and let it cool and then add the spring onion, but l did something different here. I let the honey mix cool first and then poured it over the capsicum as l wanted the capsicum to remain raw and then added the spring onion, so up to you as to which method you choose.

2014-06-15 18.44.48
Dumplings (chicken, vegetable and herb)

I used the sauce to pour over these small steamed dumplings l made using rice paper sheets. The rest of the family had the sauce with my crispy cinnamon chicken (see recipe section on website) and basmati rice.

2014-06-16 13.26.29
Lunchtime healthy salad. I drizzled the chilli sauce over the salad. It was a taste sensation!

This is a very versatile sauce and really easy to make as long as you have the ingredients on hand. Adding flavour to a meal can be a challenge when you have food intolerances or sensitivities and this sauce will definately added some brightness and flavour to those of us living on a restricted diet.

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